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jGirls+ Magazine 2023 Graduation Celebration

Join us in congratulating and celebrating the amazing editors and photographers graduating this year.

In their time with jGirls+ Magazine, these young people have honed their voices and led conversations that inspired all of us to speak up and make the world more equitable, more just, and more harmonious in its diversity. Please join us in celebrating them and their achievements with us.

Attend or Support the jGirls+ 2023 Virtual Graduation

The graduation celebration will be live-streamed on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 7PM Eastern. Can’t attend live? Register and we’ll send you the recording.

Make a tax-deductible donation in honor of a graduate and help support the Jewish feminist future.

Suggested donation levels:

  • $36 — Help keep this engine running and demonstrate your confidence in our young people.
  • $180 — Help elevate jGirls+’ work on social media, amplifying and elevating the voices of Jewish teenage girls, nonbinary teens, and young women.
  • $360 — Help publish five pieces of teen-created art, photography, music, or writing, including compensating contributors for their work.
  • $540 — Help us compensate our teen editors and photographers, modeling for young female-identifying and nonbinary young people that they should get paid for their creative and their Jewish work.
  • $1000 — Help bring an educator specializing in civil dialogue, inclusion, or racial justice to our editorial leadership training program.
  • $1800 — Help support our alum network as we continue to grow the next generation of Jewish feminist leaders.
  • $3600 — Help sponsor the cost of supporting and training one editor or photographer in the coming year.
  • Donate any amount — We are grateful for all donations supporting jGirls+ and helping us amplify and elevate the voices of the next generation of Jewish feminist leadership!

Every dollar has a profound impact.

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Meet the Grads

Adina Siff

Congratulations, Adina, who will be attending Wellesley College!
jGirls+ has given me a community unlike any other. I've worked at jGirls+ for two years and spent my first year at jGirls+ completely virtual, but last summer during our NYC retreat I got to connect face-to-face with the other members of the community. To be entrusted with editing a magazine together with a group of amazing young Jewish women and nonbinary people felt empowering, supportive, and permanently enriching. I've spent so much of my life trying to find communities that have made me feel more whole—it's shaped my choices for my past and present, for high school and for college. And through my choices I've realized that the communities I've been searching for have been the community at jGirls+. I'll forever be grateful to jGirls+ for showing me how to develop empowered connection with others.

Emma Meyers

Congratulations, Emma, who will be attending Bryn Mawr College, where she will likely major in biology with an interest in pre-med and minor in film. She also plans to work for some of the school publications, and try to fill the jGirls+-sized hole in her heart.
In my application to jGirls+ three years ago, I wrote about my rocky relationship with the fact that I am Jewish. In two years, with genuine friendships and connections, learning and opportunity, something inside of me healed. I am so much more confident, bolstered by the fact that I am so much more educated and aware of the world around me, and there's really no sort of 'thank you' that is powerful enough for that.

Hannah Cohen

Congratulations, Hannah, who will be attending Barnard College!
jGirls+ Magazine has taught me how to learn and lead in parallel, and that those two ways of interacting in a space are actually most effective when they're one and the same. The community's web of feminism, art, and Judaism (a dream combination!) goes so much deeper than surface level: it truly embodies what it preaches about respect and justice. I'm honored to have met many thoughtful teens, mentors, and teachers, and grateful for my two years of growing with jGirls+!

Jemima Schoen

Congratulations, Jemima, who will take a gap year in Israel at Midreshet Lindenbaum and then attend Johns Hopkins University!
Working at jGirls+ has defined and enriched my high school career. I found a community of people like me-- curious, passionate, and committed to artistic expression-- but just different enough, too. Here at jGirls+, we help young artists and writers share and amplify their unique voices, experiences, and creativity-- and through our robust discussions of difficult topics, perspective-broadening workshops, and community-building events and traditions, I have been moved to value and utilize my own voice, as well. I have been so fortunate to get to work in a community where we uplift each other, where we know that everyone has something to bring to the table, and appreciate each other for all the identities we share, as well as the facets that make us unique.

Lauren Alexander

Congratulations, Lauren, who is going to Tulane University to study English on the pre-med track!
jGirls+ has taught me so much about the importance of my voice and ideas. It’s also allowed me to embrace my passion for creative writing and poetry. (The fact that I am considered a published author still blows my mind in the best way.) Most of all, jGirls+ is a supportive community of people that have shown me how to be the best version of myself.

Lydia Miller

Stay Tuned!

Maya Owens

Stay Tuned!

Scarlett London

Congratulations, Scarlett, who will be attending Cornell University with a major in comparative literature!
jGirls+ has provided an incredibly safe environment and community that has allowed me to grow and learn to trust my own voice as an editor and as a writer. The skills and lessons I have learned from workshops and weekly editing sessions will stay with me long after I graduate. I have also loved getting the chance to connect with amazing teens from around the country whose work I get to read and talk about each week. jGirls+ has remained a comforting presence in my life— one that I have been so grateful for during a particularly stressful year.

Sion Cohen

Congratulations, Sion, who will be attending university in the fall!
Before I joined jGirls+, I knew what I wanted to say but never had the confidence. When working with a group of people who may share different opinions, you need to learn how to speak up. Through jGirls+, I gained the power to say my thoughts and ideas and not feel ashamed. Joining this incredible community full of talented, kind, and intelligent people has impacted me significantly. I was only on the board for a year but with every meeting and workshop, I grew into the person I always dreamed of being.

Sonja Lippmann

Congratulations, Sonja, who will be studying biopsychology at the University of California Santa Barbara!
When I joined the photography department in my sophomore year, I knew very little about photography. Over the years, through the advice of my fellow photographers and incredible professionals we've had the chance to learn from, I've learned about composition, editing, visual analysis, and most importantly, how to have confidence behind the camera. But even more than that, jGirls+ has provided me with the chance to attend workshops on power and oppression in order to approach social justice issues from a knowledgeable perspective; given me an opportunity to truly be a leader, teaching me that my ideas and creativity are valuable; and introduced me to a community of other strong Jewish people who aren't afraid to express themselves, giving me a space to express myself as well.
2023 Graduation

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