Simply Not Just a Woman

Snow Reflection Hannah Rubenstein for Simply Not Just a Woman

I am not a poet, I am a woman
And yet my presence brings
Men down to their knees,
Begging for a taste.
A taste of exhilaration.

I am not a poet, I am simply a woman.
And yet I make flowers bloom with my laugh
that reverberates
Throughout history.

I am not a poet, I am a woman.
My thoughts bring passion and madness across globes
My cries are heard for generations to come
And centuries of ruling fall down at my cries.
I am a creature of power and they still
Tell me that I am just a woman.

I am more of a poet than Shakespeare.
My words, no matter if in my mother tongue,
Scream at the walls that stand before them.
My presence sends men down to their knees,
Not begging for a taste but for forgiveness.
Because they shall rue the day they call me simply a woman.

* “I am not a poet, I am simply a woman” is quoted from the 2019 Little Women movie

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Noya Chirashnya is a member of the class of 2024 at Leigh High School in San Jose, California. Aside being the co-president of her school's Jewish club, Noya also loves to attend BBYO and hang out with her friends. She is very passionate about social issues and writing and hopes to become a death row lawyer in the future. Though she wishes that she could spend all of her time reading and writing, she is also a competitive fencer who has been doing the sport for nine years.
Accompanying photo: “Snow Reflection” by Hannah Rubenstein