jGirls+ contributor Alexa Hulse on the necessity of our mag for digital girlhood


Thank you, Alexa Hulse and New Voices Magazine for this incredible piece highlighting the work jGirls+ is doing to give Jewish teens a voice online. We proudly hold this space where Jewish girls and nonbinary teens can safely and creatively explore who they are.

Jewish girls and non-binary youth are largely invisible in research and media; the more intersections of identity you add, the more the amount of available content dwindles. In the absence of information from academics about Jewish girlhood, I decided to see what they were saying about themselves. This led me to explore how digital spaces, specifically jGirls, gives queer Jewish girls and non-binary youth the opportunity and space to resist invisibility by talking about their experiences and producing knowledge that is unique to them — and desperately needed.

Read the entire piece here.


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