jGirls+ poet Alexa Hulse featured in Hollins.edu profile

Alexa Hulse for Hollins.edu

#Kvelling! We are so proud of jGirls+ contributor Alexa Hulse on her profile for Hollins University and to see the impact that our community has had on her.

“Before Fall Term 2021, Hulse began researching internship opportunities and reached out to jGirls+ Magazine, whose readership is Jewish girls and teens. jGirls+ had published several of Hulse’s poems when she was in high school and she had developed strong ties with Elizabeth Mandel, the magazine’s executive director. Unfortunately, there were no openings, but Mandel suggested that Hulse contact Lilith, which was seeking an intern. ‘I had no idea what Lilith was at the time, but I looked it up and thought, ‘Wow, this seems like the perfect fit for me.’ I interviewed with them, started that fall, and have been there ever since.”’

Read the profile here and check out Alexa’s poetry for jGirls+ here.

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