An Unbroken Mind


I yearn for a god
A savior, some salvation
From this poisoned mind

I yearn for a balm
To spread on my damaged brain
Healing disquiet

I yearn for a life
Untainted by my constant
Trepidation, and

I yearn for a peace
Unattainable, I know
Yet I do still yearn

For renewal, for
A rebirth, a second chance
To be someone else

Someone free from the
Constraints of anxiety
An unbroken mind

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Hannah Feldschreiber is a member of the class of 2024 at SAR High School in Riverdale, New York. She writes for and edits Euphrates, her school's literary magazine, and she is an active participant in both Model UN and College Bowl. Hannah loves public speaking, playing soccer, and her dog, Milo. She plays the New York Times mini crossword every day, and she has recently started making her own crosswords.
Accompanying photo: “Brain Rising (Self Portrait)” by Elena Eisenstadt