Common Sense

Pianist by Hannah Rubenstein for Common Sense by Emma Guzowski

Common sense is a callous phrase
Because reasoning is always expected to come with.
Such a pity never wished upon,
Yet you, my friend, and I are different.

We hide inside an abundance of silent assumptions,
Face a distinct type of demand.
Even though it pains to
Understand, no matter what I go through,
Your common sense will tell you to get what you want
And mine will always tell me to get it for you.

I have forever been by your side;
Forever brightening the sky, helping you catch another’s eye.
I light up candles in your darkest rooms;
Burning my fingertips with the matches.

Just as I will keep waiting for love to reciprocate,
The sun will continue to shine on the clouds,
The dagger will scour for blood,
And the bruised pear will hang on a tree.

I brought you some peonies but
Will you ever get some for me?

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Emma Guzowski is a member of the class year 2024 at Country Day School in Costa Rica. She is passionate about mixed-media art, crafting, and mathematics. In her spare time, she likes to read, write personal stories, and knit. She is president of her own environmentalist organization and editor of her school's newspaper.
Accompanying photo: “Pianist” by Hannah Rubenstein