Do Not Compare Me to a Summer’s Day


Do not compare me to a summer’s day
I am a winter’s night of freezing snow
Summer’s sun paints blossoms with each ray
But in my frozen heart, emerald life can’t grow
Summer braids sunset’s shining golden strands
I try to grab sun’s gold from the dimming skies
Yet sunset slips between my frostbitten hands
And my starry dreams turn to frozen teary cries
My internal winter shall not fade
As my inner storm swirls with flakes of white
But my snow reflects sun’s warmer golden shade
So you confuse blinding white for summer’s golden light

So long as light can shine and you don’t see
So long my winter storm will thrive in me

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Rivka Schafer (they/them) is a member of the class of 2023 at The Idea School in Teaneck, New Jersey. They love art, nature, and activism. Their hobbies include acting, photography, singing, writing, painting, swimming, and gardening. They have been dubbed “the ray of sunshine” by their friends and love to emulate positivity. Their biggest goal in life is to change the world for the better.
Accompanying photo: “Forest” by Gianna Goldfarb