Bleeding taken by Gianna Goldfarb for Ode to My Mistakes by anonymous

Ode to them and their misfortune,
Ode to the walls they have broken.
And thank you for all of the torture,
And all of the doors that you have opened.
The time you slapped my wrist,
Left marks on my cheek,
And scratches on my back.
All the opportunities I missed,
Those words that made me weak,
They are all in the past.

That time where I messed up,
And the whole room stared.
Where I ran off,
Speechless and scared.
When I wished
I could redo
The done.
Wash the dish,
Start a new,
My actions reduced to none.

Or that time where I failed,
When I reached too high,
When my ship didn’t sail,
How I fell when I thought I would fly.
That pain,
That lesson,
Gave me scars
That settled into my skin
Those setbacks set me so far.

And when my heart broke
Over a comment or a look,
When I choked
Overfilled with emotion and shook.
When the world was permanently dyed red,
My face burned,
My fists tightly closed.
When I just wanted to disappear and be dead,
For invisibility I yearned,
Wanted the ground to open and swallow me whole.

But my heart grew back,
Strong and fit.
The comments no longer crack,
Your looks don’t make me flinch.
That small little child
Is gone,
She’s gone wild,
Sings her own song,
And will not be fazed.

And when you stare,
You don’t know,
But your disapproval falls deaf on her ears,
As you look down, look up, because she grows.
The broken links in the chain
She calls life
Have been welded.
They are polished and stained,
Won’t break under your might,
Thank you for visiting, but your era of influence has ended.

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