Fen Vanen Ben Ikh? (Where Am I From?)

Like Bars Holding a Cracked Window taken by Savin Miller for Fen Vanen Ben Ikh

You ask where I am from,
Wanting a country as an answer.
But that I cannot tell you
Instead here’s this.

I am from a dispersed people
United by a common goal
The search for glistening golden streets
A honeyed place to call home
I am from a jigsaw community
Pieces from one country, pieces from the next,
Put together here in Canada
Where I am also from, I guess.
I am from a lost language,
Brought back with a textbook,
And the taste of bubbe’s cooking,
That reflects blog recipes rather than our ancestry.
If the words and the recipes didn’t make it—
I am from the people who did.
I am from
Hiding and fighting,
Protecting and reviving,
I am from everywhere and nowhere,
Holding on to the cracked window sills and rusted door knobs,
Of our broken down house that wasn’t home to so many
In just one country anyway.

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Noa Doupe is a member of the class of 2025 at Parkdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada. She serves on her school's newspaper board, The Pen & Sword, and rock climbs with a team at her local gym. Noa is passionate about reading and baking and dreams of becoming a polyglot. She is also a newly certified lifeguard.
Accompanying photo: “Like Bars Holding a Cracked Window” by Maya Savin Miller