That Chilly, Gray Office

Yahrzeit Candle taken by Maddie Renert for That Chilly, Gray Office by Sion Cohen

I remember the day like it was yesterday
The watery eyes of my mother stared into my soul
That chilly, gray office always smelled like coffee
Dark bags under soft eyes
Weary expressions on faces
Daring someone to say something
The clock was ticking
The school bell was ringing
Happy students bustled through the halls
“He won’t wake up”
It hit
This was the end
The devoted father turned into a mere memory
That chilly, gray office always smelled like coffee

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Sion Cohen is a student at the Kean University. She lives in Elizabeth, New Jersey. She enjoys writing and hanging out with her friends. Sion loves school and is very passionate about her classes and extracurriculars. In her free time, she enjoys going to the mall and playing The Sims 4
Accompanying photo: “Yahrzeit Candle” by Maddie Renert