My Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Necklace taken by Shayna SchreiberMaddieRenert for My Hamsa Necklace by

I was gifted a Hamsa necklace
Protection personified in metal
Its silver plating matched my mother’s cold hands,
Its faceted crystals matched my zadie’s calloused hands,
And its small stature matches mine

Within the warmth of familiar walls
Surrounded by the sharp scents of clove and cinnamon
It’s accustomed to off-key Shabbat prayers,
The way I still mistake ע for צ,
And hearing “Hello Shayna Maidel!”

But when I’m among strangers,
The Evil Eye’s glare aimed at my throat,
I recall the bitter words that plagued my mother’s ears
And the family my zadie left on the foggy shores of Poland
As I tuck my necklace underneath my sweatshirt

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Shayna Schreiber is a member of the class of 2023 at Milken Community School in Los Angles, CA. She is one of the presidents of her Sketch Comedy Club, which stages serval shows a year, blending together her love of entertaining her community and anything goofy. In her spare time, you can find Shayna enthusiastically cheering on her school's basketball team with the other cheerleaders or strumming her guitar as she tries to master a new song. Among friends and family Shayna is known for her love of anything sweet, so if you have any spare Kit Kats, give her a call!
Accompanying photo: “Hamsa Necklace” by Maddie Renert