Instructions to Grow a Person:

In the Moment by Hannah Rubenstein for Instructions to Grow a Person by Julia Gross

Pass back your name, lay it in the dirt and see from it what blossoms,
Tend to the bud with creaking hands, 27 delicate bones bending to the will of the mind,
Wait on bated breath to see if it will flower,
Prune the prudent sprouts with angry patience taught through time and toil,
Water with care, with a forbearing neglect,
Make sure that if you use your tears they do not salt the soil, for then your flower may wilt,
Take mind to move the sun like a clock across the sky, tether it to rope or heartstrings,
they work the same,
Take the body back to the soil in which it was bathed,
the dirt caked so deep within the soul it almost feels like blood,
When your sprout finally grows into creation be sure to not ignore it,
Pester it with doting time and hospitable tenderness,
Do not let age hinder your passion,
But, do let time take his tempered toll

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