Nature Reclaims

A photo of a person walking down a grassy hill a small one-story house in front of a forest.

Shiny Metal bolts
and long, looming beams
Fabricated in blind ambition
Abandoned in disarray

A confident man’s dreams of latitude
Sealed in cement, lost in aggregates


A mother’s embrace
Seeping through the cracks
Sanctifying every filament
Smoothing every jagged edge

No matter how far you’ve strayed, you long with
every fiber of your being to

Come home,
Come home

You make your return,
Full of gaping wounds,
Injustices, and bloodied slashes
An outgrowth, splintered and scrapped

But you’ll come back stronger, and you’ll resist
Man’s banal delusions of grandeur


We are not hopeless,
And we are not the
Decrepit remains they made of us,
But an unstoppable force.

We defiantly wait ‘til our day comes,
When all of the brownstones will turn green

Come home,
Come home

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Jemima Schoen is a member of the class of 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her interests include environmental science, feminism, psychology, and philosophy. Outside of jGirls+, Jemima writes for her school's newspaper and yearbook, as well as managing ads for both. She plays volleyball, volunteers at Friendship Circle, and acts in her school play.
Accompanying photo: “Coming Home” by Rachael Rosenberg