The Beauty of Shabbos

In Danger of Melting Away by Sonja Lippmann for The Beauty of Shabbos by Kayla Colchamiro

The Shabbos candles
In their fancy ornate candlesticks
The flickering flames dancing in the night
Emanate the holiness
Of Shabbos

The familiar scent
Of the freshly baked challah
Floats through the air
Engulfing me with the familiar feeling
Of Shabbos
The time of warmth
Of inclusion
And of community

I’m hugged close
By the feeling of millions of others
Mirroring my actions
Acting as one
United for eternity

I smile.
I am loved.

My hungry stomach rumbles noisily
As my mother carries in a platter
Of juicy meat and crisp potatoes.

We all sing zemirot together
Our voices create a channel
To leave the heartache and hurt of the past week
To enter a new world and atmosphere
The sweet uplifting environment
That Shabbos gifts the world
Filled with hope
And happiness

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Kayla Colchamiro is a Freshman at the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston, New Jersey. She loves going on vacation and spending time with friends and family. Kayla is passionate for Israel and participates in her school’s AIPAC club, lands roles in the school musical, and is part of the school choir. In her free time, Kayla continues writing a novel she's been working on, reading books, singing random tunes, dancing, coding, brainstorming healthy recipes, and drawing.
Accompanying photo: “In Danger of Melting Away” by Sonja Lippman