The Problem with Shadows

Damsel in Distress by Rachael Rosenberg for The Problem with Shadows by Ary Hammerman

The problem with shadows is:

Their darkness magically transforms my frizz into bouncing curls
Their depth can shrink my waist (waste) in an instant
Their lack of color can clean up the mess I truly am, leaving me monochrome and beautiful

The shadows, they lie to me:

They promise a perfect reflection
They pretend they aren’t just the dark secret of the sun
They deceive and they deceive

The shadows hate me:

I look up from the ground into a mirror
I find the parts of me cut off by the shadow have returned
I find I can’t even trust the most natural of life’s processes

The problem with me is:

A girl is not a shadow
A girl is not natural
A girl lives in the shadows

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