In Accordance with the English Language

Woman reads the Webster's New World Dictionary, blocking her face with the large red book.

In accordance with the English language
I pluck words from dictionaries and thesauri
In attempts to sound among the great
Poets and authors and lyricists
Whose work I cannot match even with
Metaphors and similes and symbolism

I rigorously check my semi-colons and dashes and commas
In hopes I have not made a mistake
Or a flaw or an error or a blunder
And here I am, yet again, with my thesaurus in hand
Using words I cannot seem to understand
Like irony and irregardless and whom

I pray to some sort of higher being—
To whom I should be praying is unknown—
So that my words will fly and dive and glide
Like great soaring eagles
Irregardless of the fact every minute I spend dreaming
I am not writing

Yet in irony I sit here praying
In order to create something that might be up
To some sort of standard among the great
Poets and authors and lyricists
And in accordance with the English language;
A weaponry of words I do not comprehend

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