Buzzing Bees by Gabby Marshall - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

Buzzing Bees

“They gave me a task. A mission./Create a story, they said/That was all it took.”
A World on Fire by Eliana Pasternak - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

A World on Fire

“This is it, she thought as a metal support beam groaned and fell into one of the grocery aisles. If only she could force herself to move.”
gift guide 2022

jGirls+ Magazine 2022 Chanukkah Gift Guide

There is no better gift than a hand-picked book that reminds you of someone you care about. Here at jGirls+ Magazine, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite Jewish/feminist/teen books. One for each night, they’ll shed a sweet light!
Novel Thoughts by Eliana Pasternak - Photo by Hannah Rubenstein

novel thoughts

“Sometimes, my mind feels like a novel.”
Who Am I by Elle Persky - Photo by Alex Berman

Who Am I?

“How do you mold yourself to fit into two vastly different communities, each owning different places of your heart?”
Second Half by Adina Siff - Photo by Danielle Deculus

Second Half

"The night goes like this. Maria goes to say goodnight to Calvin. She knocks on his door, but there is silence again."
Breaking down the stigma by Adrija Jana - Photo Zoe Oppenheimer

Breaking Down the Stigma of the “Impure Blood”

“Openly discussing menstruation is still considered taboo…”
Normal by Aviv Plaut - Photo by Danielle Deculus


“Another black-and-white photo in the line of thousands”
Eve Is Cold by Orli Adamski

Eve Is Cold.

“the problems, she told me, began in October. we both knew it wasn’t true”
Time After Time by Ilana Drake

Time After Time

"words on the surface cannot erase its impact"