Sunday, September 24, 2023

Adi Israeli

Adi Israeli is a 19-year-old living in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she was born. She is a high school graduate currently serving in the Israel defense forces (IDF). She is a professional athlete, specializing in 400m hurdles. Nowadays her main interest is CrossFit.
Wonder Woman - Shai Israeli

I Was Born a Feminist

"I believe it is our duty to continue the struggle and work of the feminist movement in the hope of one day achieving full equality."
Out of Body taken by Danielle Deculus for Push Pins by Annette Greenberg

Push Pins

a little handful taken by Sonja Lippmann for Go Curvy Girl Go by Maya Lubaroff by

Go, Curvy Girl, Go!

Journaling by Maddie Renert for The Trees Are Bleeding Honey by Orli Adamski

The Trees Are Bleeding Honey

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