Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Alexa Druyanoff

Alexa Druyanoff is a junior in Beverly Hills, California, and is very passionate about art. She takes painting and figure drawing classes, and engages with her art critique group. She is the Junior Art Director for Harvard-Westlake's Chronicle and is the Art Director for Fresh Ink for Teens.
Basyas Fire by Alexa Druyanoff

Basyas Fire

"Basya is a hero who allowed a handful of generations to be able to live."

Raising Jacob

A family memorialized in ash.

To David and Briana

The Yahrzeit candle further memorializes their love for each other and their lives, as they will not be forgotten.
In Brother’s Arms By Alexa Druyanoff

In Brother’s Arms

A portrait of family, love, and hope.
Nights in June by Alexa Druyanoff

Nights in June

A remembrance of summers past.
Held by Alexa Druyanoff


This drawing takes viewers back to the days when they were held by a loved one.
Bat Mitzvah by Alexa Druyanoff

Bat Mitzvah

A girl enjoying her Bat Mitzvah as seen through the eyes of a painter
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