Monday, June 18, 2018

Alyx Bernstein

Alyx Bernstein is a junior at Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, in Hartsdale, New York. She works with Keshet on their teen programming, is a writer for her school newspaper, and is on the jGirls Editorial Board. She is an activist and a motivational speaker. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, and playing with her dog.
Lehitatefv'Lehaniach - Alyx Bernstein

Lehitatef v’Lehaniach*

"I, too, could still be a proud, trans, Jewish girl, and wear tallit and tefillin."
Untitled Inclusive Passover Art - Ruthie Stolovitz

The Value of an Inclusive Passover

Alyx Bernstein explains the importance of including -- and embracing -- trans and LGBTQ+ youth at the Seder.

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