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When writing about very personal matters, contributors to jGirls Magazine may elect to publish their works anonymously at the discretion of the staff and Editorial Board. All works and contributors are verified as meeting jGirls’ qualifications prior to acceptance and publication.
People Pleasing by anonymous - Photo by Elise Antsey

Power and People Pleasing

“I stopped voicing my opinion and went along with what everyone else wanted, even when it made me miserable.”
A State of Uncertainty by Anonymous - Photo by Ruby Stillman

A State of Uncertainty

"Am I too young to change the world, or am I too old to start?"
On Being in My Body by Anonymous - Photo by Ruby Stillman

On Being in My Body

Your body image can be shaped by the language and values you choose to associate with it.
Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew by Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew.

"Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew...These labels don’t really jive in my community."
Lets Hands Do What Lips Do by Elena Eisenstadt


The relationship with an abusive parent is a complicated, painful and tumultuous one.
A.N.X.I.E.T.Y by Anonymous - Photo by Liora Meyer


With vivid imagery, a writer describes the brutal waves of anxiety.
The Love You Carry by Anon – Photo by Liora Meyer

The Love You Carry

"I told my grandparents that I was bisexual and currently dating a girl."
Fire#1 - Chalotte Daniels

Four Questions from Jewish Summer Camp

How would you describe your experience at Jewish Summer Camp?
A Summer Afternoon by Anon - Photo by Aliza Abusch-Magder.

A Summer Afternoon

It is a sweltering June day outside. Inside the back of a record store, a young woman browses, thumbing through dusty bins and racks.
Transitions - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls Magazine


"A divorced family is still a family."
Journal - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls Magazine

About Writing

"It’s always going to be easier to write than to talk. So I want to be able to do that always, to write what my brain cannot let me say."
21st Century Amidah by Jamie Klinger - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

21st Century Amidah

Our Small Galaxy of Two by Maya Rosenberg - photo by Molly Voit

Our Small Galaxy of Two

Window of Lights by Carly Drobbin

Windows of Light

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