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Bleeding taken by Gianna Goldfarb for Ode to My Mistakes by anonymous


“That pain, / That lesson, / Gave me scars / That settled into my skin”


“Sometimes it seems like my mental health can be so overwhelming”
On Belonging and Unbelonging By Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

On Belonging and Unbelonging

Is it possible for me to belong among others without truly knowing who I am? Or is belonging an unattainable goal?
Did You Know That an Apple Has 95 Calories by Dahlia Matank - Photo by Sonja Lippman

Did You Know That an Apple Has 95 Calories?

“I thought that the Apple would be enough.”
Enter: Watershed by Anonymous - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Enter: Watershed

"Doesn’t she know? It’s all for the scale."
Pirkei Avot by anonymous

Pirkei Avot

Who is wise? One who learns from everyone.

A Word Other Than Girl

“Some words have reached a point where they become more than a combination of letters.”
On the Mend by Anonymous - Photo by Caroline Koppel

On the Mend

"I tell myself I’m whole"
The Last Rose by anonymous

The Last Rose

A musician’s first death: the last hurrah.
of Felled and Fallen by Anonymous - photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Of Felled and Fallen

“If no one heard it, did the tree even fall?”
People Pleasing by anonymous - Photo by Elise Antsey

Power and People Pleasing

“I stopped voicing my opinion and went along with what everyone else wanted, even when it made me miserable.”
A State of Uncertainty by Anonymous - Photo by Ruby Stillman

A State of Uncertainty

"Am I too young to change the world, or am I too old to start?"

Staring at Darling

Hamsa Necklace taken by Shayna SchreiberMaddieRenert for My Hamsa Necklace by

My Hamsa Necklace

A Bridge Between Worlds taken by Gianna Goldfarb fo Rethinking Theory by Leah Frankel

Rethinking Theory

I’m Fine by Veronica Halfen

I’m Fine

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