Saturday, October 24, 2020

Gertie Angel

Gertie Angel
Gertie Angel is a seventh grader at SAR Academy in Riverdale, New York. She participates on her school's debate team. In her free time, she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and competitive wrestling.
I want George Floyd on the $20 bill by Gertie Angel

I want George Floyd on the $20 bill

The paradox of a person’s value.
Say His Name, Say Their Name by Gertie Angel

Say His Name, Say Their Names

"...the perpetual American attack on Black lives and the continual exploitation of Black bodies reflects that there has never been any true sanctuary for Black Americans."
Roar by Tali Afrah


Is Ignorance Really Bliss? by Isabelle White - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

A Lifeline by Amanda Hershkin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

A Lifeline

Woven View by Rotem Kadosh

Woven View

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