Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hannah Schlacter

Hannah Schlacter is a 2017 graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned her Bachelors of Science in marketing and management. As an undergraduate, she pursued social entrepreneurship, where she founded four student organizations that ranged from a campus to global scale and allowed her to meet global leaders like Sheryl Sandberg, Natan Sharansky, and former President Bill Clinton. This work included co-founding the Hillel International Student Cabinet, a group of 24 Jewish students from around the world who connect Jewish students globally and represent the student voice to Hillel International. Currently, Hannah lives in San Francisco, where she consults for Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley. Outside of work, she is a proven lay leader in the Bay Area young professional Jewish community and she also launched the #LifeHacksforRealWorld project to empower young women to be centered. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, yoga, and reading. Hannah welcomes questions and comments from readers. She can be reached at
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Anti-Semitism on Campus: Part 2

What is your advice for students who encounter anti-Semitism on campus?
Two Parallel Lovers by Ayelet Fishman - Photo by Liora Meyer

Two Parallel Lovers

My Brother by Sarit Scher - Photo by Gali Davar

My Brother

Dear Grandma

"Untitled - a photo by Liora Meyer"


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