Monday, October 25, 2021

Hannah Shapiro

Hannah Shapiro is a member if the class of 2023 at Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida, where her favorite class is AP European History. She has loved writing for her entire life and has been writing poetry since she could hold a pencil. As an aspiring journalist, Hannah can usually be found writing articles for her local newspaper. She is a theater nerd who loves playing with her bunny, Caramel, and being vegetarian. She is currently writing her first novel and is a passionate advocate against social injustice.
My Impact On Social Justice, as a Teenage Jew By: Hannah Shapiro - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

My Impact On Social Justice, as a Teenage Jew

I grew up attending religious Modern Orthodox schools. There has always been someone trying to force their views on me. One thing that I...
Girl: An Inner Monologue by Simone Miller - Photo by Sonja Lippmann

Girl: An Inner Monologue

Americanized: Jew First by Jess Daninhirsch photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

Americanized: Jew First

lovers bites by Chava Adam - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

lovers bites

My Impact On Social Justice, as a Teenage Jew

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