Friday, August 14, 2020

Leslie Marsh

Leslie Marsh
Leslie Marsh is a 12th grader at Dover Sherborn High School in Dover, Massachusetts.She is enthusiastic about writing and sharing stories. She is also involved in theater, and she hopes to someday be a special education teacher.
Through the Eyes of a Genius by Leslie Marsh - Photo by Emanuelle Sippy

Through the Eyes of a Genius

"It wouldn’t take a genius to recognize the closeness of our bond, but it might just take a genius to see through the bliss and recognize that there was more to the story."
My Cape Cod by Leslie Marsh – Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

My Cape Cod

The palpable memories depicted in this piece will have you feeling and re-living the author's times at Cape Cod
No More Goodbyes by Cara Marantz

No More Goodbyes

Me, Myself, and I by Noa Kalfus

Me, Myself, and I

Wit’s End

Free Woman by Molly Voit

Free Woman

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