Sunday, April 21, 2019

Maddie Solomon

Maddie Solomon
Maddie Solomon is a first year at Occidental College from Denver, Colorado, with an interest in political theory, education, and non-profit work. At Occidental, she worked as a Telefund employee/Ambassador and currently writes for The Occidental, the student-run newspaper. She is a first-year representative for the Hillel executive board and does extensive volunteering with the Upward Bound and Neighborhood Partnership Program—both programs that work with low-income, first generation youth.
Benevolent Sexism by Maddie Solomon - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Benevolent Sexism: It Isn’t a Compliment

Is that sexist? Sexism is not just the overt, hostile sexism portrayed in the media...
Grampy by Sloan Warner - Photo by Elena Eisendstadt


Pretty Hurts by Elise Anstey

Pretty Hurts

Eros by Auden Yurman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


Hibakusha by Aviva Katz - Photo by Liora Meyer


Or Torah by Aidyn Levin

Or Torah

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