Saturday, November 27, 2021

Rina Shamilov

Rina Shamilov is from Brooklyn, NY and is currently studying English Literature at Stern College for Women. She loves quiet places, the night time, and taking long walks in the forest.
The Outsider by Rina Shamilov - Photo by Zoe Oppenheimer

The Outsider

“As the voices kept murmuring in the background, I was aware of the stars. I dared to be seen just as they were.”
The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks By: Rina Shamilov - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks

“He drew the stars with his eyes,/And with them, he mapped the syzygies”

Raising Jacob

Dinah by Isabella Brown


The Kotel of My Dreams

The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks

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