Friday, September 20, 2019

Sophie Soloway

Sophie Soloway
Sophie Soloway is a junior at Walter Panas High School in New York State. When not writing, she enjoys competitive figure skating and advocating for social change within her community.
Group Therapy Essay by Sophie Soloway - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

Group Therapy Essay

In this essay, Sophie compares her theatrical depiction of group therapy versus her actual experience in it.
Cold Air by Sophie Soloway - Photo by Liora Meyer

Cold Air

*Please Note: This piece contains strong language and references to substance abuse, self harm, and suicidal thoughts.* What does it feel like to be consumed by thoughts of self harm and killing oneself?
Devastation by Alex Garrow

Trudie’s Goose

Lets Hands Do What Lips Do by Elena Eisenstadt


Good At Heart

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