Thursday, April 15, 2021

Tali Feen

Tali Feen is a freshman at Muhlenberg College. She enjoys volunteering in her community and beyond. As she begins her college journey, she looks forward to becoming a surgeon and continuing her journey to reach that goal.
On Forever by Tali Feen

On Forever

“Painting a picture of something that means a lot to my family really made for a different experience.”
Still Shadows by Tali Feen

Still Shadows

"Every shape and object has a shadow."
In Color Series by Tali Feen

In Color Series

A multimedia series depicting the spaces where the personal and the public coexist.

Point of View

“The road goes on forever, and we have to choose our path.”
The State Fair by Tali Feen

The State Fair

"I wanted to create something simple, but also a statement."
No Worries by Tali Feen

No Worries

"She’s looking into the big city creating her future. There is nothing that could stop her."
Sail to Me by Tali Feen

Sail to Me

"If we could all find 'our peace,' then our minds could be in a different place for just a moment."
In the Clouds by Tali Feen

In the Clouds

"The idea of abstractivity."
Between the Lines by Tali Feens

Between the Lines

“I wanted to show how many different things can happen in one picture or scene.”

Behind Bars

As people all over the world take to the streets and the polling booths demanding a just and merciful justice system, it is important that we remember to speak up for those without the freedom to march or vote.
Abandonment by Tali Feen


A visualization of abandonment and the abnormal power of nature.
Zehot by Noa Schwarts


Defending Israel by Dina Barrish - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

Defending Israel

Blanche & Sam

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