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Tova Weiss

Tova Weiss is a homeschooled student who expects to graduate in 2026. She loves to sing and play violin, flute, trombone, piano, and any other instrument she can get a hold of. She is a passionate writer, and writes in a wide variety of genres, including fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, nonfiction, poetry and fan fiction. She has two dogs who she would do anything for, and dreams of a life surrounded by books, dogs, music, good food, friends, art, and family (not necessarily in that order).
Bubbles_HannahRubenstein 2/14/23

The Sandbox

I’m too big for sandboxes now, you said. Billy says only little kids play in sandboxes,
The Gap Between My Front Teeth byTova Weiss, Reflections By Caroline Koppel

The Gap Between My Front Teeth

“Why would I remove the gap between my front teeth?”
Speaking through the music by Tova Weiss

Speaking Through Music

"If I can make my flute cry, people will feel it, no matter what language they speak. If I can make my violin laugh, people will hear it, no matter where they come from."
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