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All the content on jGirls Magazine is created by self-identifying Jewish girls ages 13-19 across all backgrounds. Get to know them here… and join them by submitting your work!

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Abigael Good - 2 posts

Abigael Good will soon be a freshman at Brandeis University. She lives in Short Hills, New Jersey, where she collects too many books and reads at least three of them at a time. One day, she hopes to write a book of her own.


Abigail Aronson

Abigail Aronson is a senior at the Bronx High School of Science She lives in Manhattan and is am interested in politics, history, government, biology, art, and dance.


Abigail Winograd - 1 post

Abigail Winograd is an eighteen-year-old senior at Scheck Hillel Community School in Miami, Florida. She is extremely involved in United Synagogue Youth, social-action activism, theater, music, and writing. This summer, she will be working at Camp Ramah Darom.

Ada Perlman

Ada Perlman - 1 post

Ada Perlman is a freshman at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an active member in her school’s theater community, and some of her passions include singing and writing. During the summer, she attends camp and travels.


Adi Israeli - 1 post

Adi Israeli is a 19-year-old living in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she was born. She is a high school graduate currently serving in the Israel defense forces (IDF). She is a professional athlete, specializing in 400m hurdles. Nowadays her main interest is CrossFit.

Aidyn Levin

Aidyn Levin - 1 post

Aidyn Levin is a senior at The Paideia School in Atlanta, Georgia. She plays on her school's ultimate frisbee team, teaches at a Jewish Sunday school, and volunteers weekly at an English class for refugees and immigrants. Aidyn is passionate about biology and photography, as well as spending time in the outdoors.


Alejandra Nurko - 1 post

Alejandra Nurko is in 12th grade at Colegio a Tarbut. She lives in Mexico City, and her favorite things to do are going to her tnua (Scouts), reading, and doing gymnastics.

Alex Garrow

Alex Garrow - 4 posts

Alex Garrow is a sophomore at Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco, California. She is passionate about foreign languages and traveling, and in her spare time enjoys yoga, writing, and spending time with friends.


Alex Kaminsky - 1 post

Alex Kaminsky is in seventh grade at Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, Georgia. She loves writing (especially music), playing guitar, singing, sketching, and acting.


Alexis Greenberg - 1 post

Alexis Greenberg in seventh grade at Indian Woods Middle School in Kansas. She likes to sing, write, and read. She enjoys working hard in school, and she's one of few Jewish kids at her school. Her favorite place on earth (other than home) is Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.


Alisa Kazarnovsky - 1 post

Alisa Kazarnovsky lives in New York City, where she is a junior at the High School of Art and Design.

Aliza Abusch-Magder

Aliza Abusch-Magder - 1 post

Aliza is a senior at The Weber School in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives. She is committed to Judaism and spirituality at large. Her passions include prayer, writing, and weightlifting. She is a TED talk addict, with an expansive sticker collection and a love of people watching. Aliza has been a member of the jGirls Magazine editorial board since 2016-2017 and is the Visual Arts & Music Department Head.

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