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All the content on jGirls Magazine is created by self-identifying Jewish girls ages 13-19 across all backgrounds. Get to know them here… and join them by submitting your work!

Note: Bios and headshots are from time of submission/publication unless otherwise indicated. Are you one of our contributors? Update your profile here.

Molly Voit

Molly Voit -3 posts

Molly Voit is a high school senior from Riverdale, New York. She attends Elisabeth Irwin High School in downtown Manhattan where her favorite subjects are English, science, and art. Outside of class, Molly enjoys running on her track and cross country teams, reading, listening to podcasts, and playing with her two dogs.


Mollye Oze -2 posts

Mollye Oze has lived in both America and Israel. Her ultimate dream is to be a full time writer and a part time history buff. She loves all things literary, and you can probably find her either writing, reading or fangirling. Follow her on twitter @MollyeYA


Nadja Goldberg -2 posts

Nadja Goldberg lives in San Francisco. She is a junior in high school at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, where she focuses on creative writing. Nadja fights for climate justice with Youth vs Apocalypse and enjoys swimming, biking, and backpacking.

Naomi Kitchen

Naomi Kitchen -1 post

Naomi Kitchen is a senior at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She plays field hockey and participates in various school organizations, including the school newspaper and the Jewish Student Union. Naomi is passionate about literature and history. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends.


Naomi Komatsu -1 post

Naomi Komatsu is a junior at Jericho Senior High School in Jericho, New York. She plays the oboe and English horn in multiple music organizations and works with individuals with special needs. Naomi is passionate about activism, reading, writing, and teaching.

Noa Kalfus

Noa Kalfus -1 post

Noa Kalfus is a junior at SAR High School in Riverdale, New York. She is a softball and volleyball player, passionate debater, and environmental club co-president. Noa loves science and history, and spends her free time drawing, reading, and joking around with her friends.

Nourya Cohen

Nourya Cohen -1 post

Nourya Cohen is a 16-year-old high school senior and lives near Los Angeles, California. Her parents are from Israel, and her grandparents are from Brazil, France, and Iran. Nourya’s hobbies include learning other languages—specifically Chinese, Hebrew, and Spanish. This past summer, she lived with a host family in Xi’an, China, where she immersed herself in the language and culture. Nourya also competes in Public Forum speech and debate.


Olivia Leviss -1 post

Olivia Leviss is a 16-year old sophomore from Livingston, New Jersey. She has a passion for writing, running, playing basketball, and spending time with her family, especially her brother, Matt. Her biggest dream in life is to publish a piece of her own writing.


Olivia Newman -1 post

Olivia Newman is a senior at Cresskill High School in Cresskill, New Jersey. She loves writing, tennis and smiling as widely as possible.


Orly Berkowitz-Henkin -2 posts

Orly Berkowitz-Henkin is a senior at Bard High School Early College Queens and she lives in Brooklyn. She enjoys writing and spending time with her friends and family.

Penina Satlow

Penina Satlow -4 posts

Penina Satlow is a senior at Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island. At school, she plays field hockey, and acts in school plays. She sings with HaZamir, the International Jewish High School Choir. Penina loves reading fiction and watching spoken word poetry, though she has yet to perform her own. She is a member of the jGirls Editorial Board, working in the Fiction and Poetry Departments.


Phoebe Wagoner -1 post

Phoebe Wagoner is a senior at Lafayette High School in Lexington, Kentucky. She spends most of her free time drawing, but can also be found reading, volunteering, or playing the violin.

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