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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to jGirls Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve assembled a list of the most popular questions we get at jGirls Magazine. Just click on any of the questions below to open up the answers. And if you don’t see the answer to a question you’d like to ask, just email, and we’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer!

Is jGirls for Me?

If you consider yourself to be Jewish, there is a place for you at jGirls. We have editors, photographers, writers, and readers from all walks of Jewish backgrounds, including Conservative, Culturally Jewish, Egalitarian, Humanistic, Interfaith, Just Jewish, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Reform, Questioning, Secular, Unaffiliated. Our community welcomes those who have never been to a synagogue or temple, and those who go daily. This list isn’t comprehensive or exhaustive, because there are so many ways for people to express their relationship to Judaism. If you don’t see yourself reflected in this list and you consider yourself Jewish, jGirls is for you. Drop us a line at, if you still have any questions.

If you feel comfortable affiliating with jGirls magazine, and you think this is a space for you, it is—whether you use the pronouns she/her, they/them, xe/hir, or something else entirely.

jGirls exists to counter the effects of gender oppression and to elevate and empower Jewish girls to be the change-agents, decision makers, and voices of authority on their own lives. We know that people who don’t identify as girls are impacted by gender oppression, and we want to include a wide range of voices and experiences in our team. We also know that for some non-binary teens, the term “girl” is among the constellation of gender identities that resonates for them, and for some it is not.

We welcome contributions from all over the world, and in fact, we currently have contributors from Australia, France, Israel, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In order to serve on the Editorial Board, you must be able to participate in meetings that take place based on time zones in the Continental United States.

Please be in touch with us with your particular skills, talents or interests at

jGirls celebrates younger writers below ninth grade who have been published on our pages by giving them a special designation!


You can submit content about whatever is on your mind. You can see more under the Topics section of our Submission Guidelines.

Yes! The theme poses a question that members of our community are talking about. If it’s interesting to you, please submit content on the theme. But you are also welcome to submit material on whatever is on your mind.

Yes! We love receiving visual arts submissions, including photography, art and video. We also love music submissions!

And we are happy to accept book and film reviews. For reviews of films in theaters, please submit them in a timely manner after a movie is released, so we can publish them while a film is still in theaters.

We do not accept culture reviews for performances that can only be seen locally (ie, for a dance performance in your town).

We cannot make a decision about accepting a piece until we see the completed version. However, if you would like to discuss content ideas or create something new just for us, and want to run it by us first, we are happy to discuss your idea with you before you start working on it. You can contact us at

We accept content on an ongoing basis, so submit whenever you have something you want to say. We’d love to hear from you!

You should have received an acknowledgement of receipt when you submitted. If you have not, please contact us at to see if we have received your submission.

Once we have received your submission, it takes time for us to get back to you. Our Editors consider each piece seriously and closely, and we often have a number of submissions waiting for review. The rigorousness of the process means that it can take a while. We do respond with a personal email to each writer and artist who submits.

There can be any number of reasons that a piece wasn’t accepted. It might be that we’ve received a number of pieces tackling the same topic from the same angle, that we are looking for something a bit different, or other editorial concerns.

Whatever the reason, we encourage you to keep on submitting content to jGirls! The fact that your piece wasn’t accepted isn’t a measure of your value worth as a writer, artist, photographer, thinker, person. If this piece wasn’t a match for us, the next one might be. We have writers/artists who have had some pieces rejected and others accepted. Some of our editors’ pieces have not been accepted for publication. The best way to grow and nurture your talents is to keep on creating and keep on submitting.

We do publish some work anonymously, if we judge the request to be reasonable. You must give your real name and contact information when you submit, but this information is not shared outside of people who work at jGirls. You can note on your submission your request to have it published anonymously. If we want to publish it but, but decide it can’t be published anonymously, we will give you the option to publish it with your name or to withdraw it, as you choose.

We are happy to discuss your concerns before or after you submit your piece. Please contact us at

Yes, in order for us to keep track of all of our submissions, we will need you to fill out the form again. However, it’s much shorter after the first time.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions from anyone under the age of 13 for reasons that have to do with Internet publishing laws. But, you can submit something you wrote when you were 12 when you turn 13. So hold on to your piece, and we look forward to receiving it after your birthday!

Yes, it’s true! We believe that artists and writers should be financially compensated for their published work. Starting January 1, 2020, we are paying

  • $25 for stand-alone articles/posts of any genre that we publish.
  • $10 for photos or artwork we publish to accompany another author/artist’s post.

The payment amount is the same for all published materials in the above categories, regardless of type or length of piece, number of photos in a photo essay, etc.

Payment is made after your materials are published. We will send you an email informing you when we your work is up on our site. At that time, we will also ask you to submit an invoice. You must submit an invoice in order to get paid.

We are happy to answer any questions before you get started, while are you in the process of submitting, or after you’ve submitted. Contact us at

Join Our Editorial Board and Staff Photographers

We accept applications for Editorial Board and Staff Photographer positions each spring from girls entering 10th–12th grade the following school year. (Submissions are open to girls ages 13–19.) Be the first to know when applications for next year are open!


Because we want to make jGirls available to as many people as possible, there is no subscription fee. We are a non-profit organization, and in lieu of a subscription fee, you might consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your dollars will help support and amplify the voices of Jewish teenage girls.

If you would like to make your donation in someone’s honor or memory, please contact us at

You maintain ownership rights to the material you submit, even if we publish it. You can always use your work in school projects. You may also submit your work for publication elsewhere. However, if we publish your material, it is your responsibility to check with us before publishing your material elsewhere (for example, in a print or online magazine or blog) in order to determine whether your material has become subject to restrictions that may restrict you from publishing your material elsewhere. If your material is not subject to restrictions and may be published elsewhere, we ask that the reprint state that your material was first published by jGirls Magazine (or its designee), and, if possible, include a link to the piece that we have published. If we don’t publish your work, there is no need to include a link to jGirls Magazine.

Part of our mission is to create a community among our users (including contributors, writers and readers). This includes fostering dialogue and regularly adding new content. As such, all of our content is available only online.

You can use our “search” function, a magnifying glass icon found in the top right corner of every page, to find the subject you are looking for (feminism, mental health, summer camp, family, etc). There are also tags at the bottom of each piece. Clicking on the tags will bring up a list of other pieces with the same tag.

Have a question that wasn’t answered above? Please contact us at

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