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no diving - jGirls+ Magazine Fall 2020 Issue
No Diving - jGirls+ Magazine - Issue 001, Fall 2020 - cover

No Diving

jGirls+ Magazine Issue 001, Fall 2020

As we enter the new Jewish year, 5781, we’re excited to share our fall issue with you. In the midst of two pandemics, COVID-19 and the much older systemic racism, our way of processing, reflecting, and documenting was to create this special issue. We hope the pages of “No Diving” fill some of the liminal space between sweetness and bitterness. Through creating this issue, we felt the gravity of this particular moment. Yet, we also found comfort in the fact that our ancestors have shouldered immense weight. While they asked questions, while they took to the streets, while they grieved, they too created art.

Annie Poole & Emanuelle Sippy
Lead Issue Editors

Woman reads the Webster's New World Dictionary, blocking her face with the large red book.

In Accordance with the English Language

I pluck words from dictionaries and thesauri In attempts to sound among the great Poets
An up-close photo of pile of three lemons

Citrus Gardens in the Winter

Do the swings dangle empty in the wintertime bereft of the hands which grasped the twine
A brightly colored mural of a woman with flowing blonde hair enjoying an ice cream cone.

I want to eat all of the love in the world

I do not want to be loveable, I want to be all-consuming.
Four lit remembrance candles sit in front of a framed sepia-toned photo of a family.

Of Witches

Through Bubbes unknown that I can’t forget/ Not untied from loss but forever chained to it
A dark beige three-story house with big windows, two balconies, and white pillars

The Day I Went Home

My cab pulls up in front of the house. I’m shaking already.
Damsel in Distress by Rachael Rosenberg for The Problem with Shadows by Ary Hammerman

The Problem with Shadows

They promise a perfect reflection
Labels by Annie Poole


We all get labeled, but how often are we right in our judgement of others?
Girl Pondering - Aliza Abusch-Magder - jGirls+ Magazine

Heart on My Sleeve

jGirls+ Magazine - Fall 2020

Raising Jacob

Journaling by Maddie Renert for The Trees Are Bleeding Honey by Orli Adamski

The Trees Are Bleeding Honey

A Missed Connection by Adina Solomon - Photo by Marika Campbell-Blue

A Missed Connection

Holy Love by Giovanna Wiseman

Holy Love


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jGirls+ Magazine - Fall 2020

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