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Editorial Board application open now through May 6th!

Serving as a jGirls editorial board member is both an exciting leadership training opportunity and a hands-on editorial position. Editors make a difference in the world by building an online community of future Jewish female leaders, providing a safe space for Jewish teenage girls to make their voices heard, and engaging in discussion across differences of background, opinion, and perspective.

We are accepting applications through Monday, May 6, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We expect to finalize our decisions by the end of June. The term will begin at the end of summer/early fall.

“Being on the jGirls Editorial Board gives me the opportunity to expand upon my love of reading and writing, while also enriching my Jewish identity. I love the responsibility of creating something that has such an impact.”

— Cara Marantz, 2018-2019 editor, age 16, Chicago, IL

Cara Marantz - jGirls Magazine Editor profile

Application Guidelines

Please read all four sections below before applying.


Participants receive editorial training from experts in various media (including writing and art/photography), and from educators on topics such as diversity in the Jewish community, talking about Israel across difference, and more. They build leadership, decision making, and communications skills, and explore identity at the intersection of being Jewish and being female.


Editors apply the tools and skills they receive by assisting in shaping the direction and scope of the magazine. Editors serve in departments that include Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Culture, and Visual Arts & Music to select content and make decisions affecting their departments and the jGirls community as a whole.


Serving on the editorial board offers rich opportunities for personal growth, skill-building, decision making and leadership development.

As a board member, you will:

  • Build a community of collaboration, connection, and friendship.
  • Develop a network of strong and supportive girls and young women.
  • Work in a supportive environment with others with an array of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions.
  • Gain access to experts in a range of related fields.
  • Gain insight into organizational planning and strategy, including management, fundraising, and policy making.
  • Serve as the public face of jGirls, which includes helping to publicize the magazine and potentially speaking on behalf of jGirls to the press or other organizations.


In addition to valuable experience and training, editorial board members will receive a stipend of $250 for the year.

You are eligible to apply for a position on the editorial board if:

  • You self-identify as a Jewish girl/young woman.
  • You will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English.
  • You are committed to developing your voice and leadership skills.
  • You live in a timezone that corresponds to a continental U.S. time zone (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific). This is in order to be able to attend our video meeting times, described under the Commitment tab.
  • You are regularly available on Sunday evenings from 7–9pm Eastern time.

Length of Term

The position is for one year, starting in autumn of 2019 and continuing through the U.S. academic year. Editors who have fulfilled their responsibilities can continue to serve through the end of high school.

All work is conducted virtually via online calls and messaging, with the exception of a possible retreat, as described below.

Weekly Time Commitment

Participation requires an average commitment of 2–3 hours per week. This time includes both group and independent work, as described in the “Responsibilities” section, as well as departmental meetings held every 7–10 days by video call. (Editors typically serve in two departments; meeting times are decided by department members, generally at the end of the school day or on weekends).

Twice-Monthly Board Meetings

Additionally, you must be available to participate in a 2-hour video-based meeting approximately two Sundays each month, from 7–9pm Eastern time. This is in addition to your weekly 2-3 hour weekly commitment.

You are expected to attend the majority of these meetings. We understand that you may have to miss meetings occasionally. However, please note that if you have another regular commitment that conflicts with this time, you are not eligible for an editorial position.

These virtual meetings are held with the entire board and include:
  • Editorial meetings, which include training in editorial skills, current affairs discussion, departmental updates, and organizational decision making.
  • Educational workshops in areas such as Jewish identity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, race and ethnicity in the Jewish community, talking about Israel across difference, and more.

In-Person Retreat

An in-person retreat is tentatively scheduled to be held in New York City over Labor Day Weekend, August 31st–September 2nd, 2019. Financial resources should not be a barrier to participation. Stipends will be available to cover travel for those who require this. All other costs (housing, food, etc.) will be covered by jGirls Magazine. Note that availability on this date is one among many factors we will consider, but you are still eligible to apply if you will not be available.

Editors will apply their perspective, vision, and creativity to shape the way the world sees Jewish girls and listens to their voices.

To this end, editors are responsible for:

  • Attending the all-board meetings and departmental meetings described under the Commitment tab.
  • Reviewing and selecting submissions, communicating with content-contributors, and preparing selected pieces for publication.
  • Serving as jGirls Ambassadors to friends and peers (getting the word out, actively posting about jGirls on social media, and encouraging others to participate as contributors or users).
  • Contributing creative content for consideration on a regular basis.
  • Being fully intellectually present and involved.
  • Participating in the building and development of jGirls Magazine.
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as determined by jGirls Magazine staff and/or editorial board.

Next Steps

Please read this section carefully and prepare all materials before you begin the application. (In the past, people have had the experience of losing the answers they had already filled out on the application while they prepared these materials!)

1. Complete the Essay Questions

Please prepare written responses to the following three essay questions before beginning your application. You will be asked to paste your responses into the application form.

The answers to each question should be approximately 250-400 words (1–3 paragraphs, or between half a page and a page). Don’t worry if it is a bit longer or shorter.

  1. What does being a Jewish girl mean to you?
  2. Why do you want to join the jGirls editorial board? What appeals to you about jGirls? What do you hope to gain and what do you hope to give?
  3. Choose a piece from the jGirls Magazine website. This could be a piece you found to be particularly compelling, controversial, nuanced, or thought-provoking, or it could be a piece you don’t think belongs on the site as it is because it is misguided or poorly executed. Tell us which piece it is, why you chose this piece, and what you have to say about it. Be completely candid, as you would be expected to be in the edit room. (Your feedback will not be shared with the writer/artist of the piece.)

2. Prepare Your Creative Materials

You will have to upload two pieces of creative material (in addition to the questions above). This is so we can get a sense of your creative style, what issues are of interest to you, and how you are thinking about those issues.

Your materials can include nonfiction, fiction, poetry, cultural reviews, visual arts (painting, photography, etc), video, and/or music. Please look at our website for examples of the broad range of work we are interested in. You can submit two different types of material. You may include material previously submitted to us, although we always love to see more of your work.

In order for your submissions to be considered for publication, you must follow the following File Format and Uploading guidelines:

  • Written materials must be submitted in an editable format such as Word or Google Docs (not pdf). Please include at the top of the document:
    • the piece’s title and your name
    • whether it is fiction, nonfiction, poetry or other (indicate what)
    • whether you wish this work to be considered for publication on our site
    • whether this piece has been published elsewhere
    • if the piece has been published elsewhere, a link, if available
    • anything else it is crucial for us to know about the piece (such as if you wish it to be published anonymously)
  • Photos and art scans must be a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels in either JPG or PNG formats
    • You can find this info on your computer. On a PC, open in a photo viewer such as Photo, right click, and look at File Info under Dimensions. On a Mac, click on the photo in Finder in List view, and look at Dimensions.
    • Non-digital artwork must be scanned at a high-resolution or photographed with a professional camera and meet the same resolution requirements as above.
  • Videos must be high-quality HD (1920×1080) MP4, filmed horizontally and with good sound and lighting.
  • Music must be in MP3 format, at 198 kbs or higher bitrate.

You may submit materials that do not fall within these parameters or follow these guidelines as part of your application, but they cannot be considered for publication on our site. (This will not affect your application.)

  • All file names must include a shortened version of the title of your piece, your first and last names, and EdBoard2019. For example, EndWorld_MillieStern_EdBoard2019.
  • Uploads can be a maximum of 10GB.
  • All documents must be uploaded via the application form—do not email these to us directly unless you have trouble uploading.
  • If you have trouble uploading, if your creative samples are too large to upload, or if you have any other problems with or questions about your creative samples, please email us at This will not affect your application.

Have questions? Please contact us at Asking questions will not affect your application.

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