Alex Garrow

    Alex Garrow - jGirls+ Photographer
    Alex Garrow - jGirls+ Photographer

    2019–20 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer

    My name is Alex Garrow, and I am a senior at Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco, California, where I commute every day. I live in Menlo Park with my mom, two younger siblings, and my dog. I am passionate about traveling and learning world languages, and I have studied Hebrew, Spanish, and Chinese.

    Throughout high school, I have been involved with my school newspaper, and this year I am the executive editor. I am also interested in the role social media plays in our daily lives and the way we view the world. I am head of social media and advertising for my school’s charity fashion show, and over the summer I was a social media and marketing intern for a beauty startup based in Los Angeles. In my free time, I enjoy discovering new music, taking pictures, and spending time with friends.

    Works by Alex

    California Winters by Alex Garrow

    California Winters

    It’s strange how easily people adapt to their surroundings.
    Shabbat Dinners by Alex Garrow - Photo by Jade Lowe

    Shabbat Dinners

    Shabbat dinners are a time to get together without distractions and really connect with one another.
    "Urban Life - a photo by Alex Garrow"

    Urban Life

    From downtown Cleveland to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alex Garrow captures a glimpse into the different cities.
    Highs and Lows by Alex Garrow - Photo by Aliza Abusch-Magder

    Highs and Lows

    Are you ready for this roller coaster ride?
    Sunset City - Alex Garrow

    Sunset City

    Alex Garrow captures her deep ties to the Holy Land.
    Sea And Sky - Alex Garrow - jGirls+ Magazine

    Sea and Sky

    A photograph questions: Why is a prison a popular tourist attraction?

    Alex's Photographs are Featured In

    Cyclical Life by Nourya Cohen - Photo by Alex Garrow

    A Cyclical Life

    A life tormented by addiction and abuse becomes a never-ending nightmare she hopes to wake up from...
    Visits by Emily Bebenek


    This story examines how aging affects our memories, which become more and more precious to cherish and keep alive.
    Devastation by Alex Garrow

    Trudie’s Goose

    A Holocaust story told through the eyes of a young Jewish girl in Nazi-controlled Poland.
    "Untitled" by Alex Garrow


    Maya Rabinowitz writes a poem about the struggle to survive - generation by generation.
    Should I Smile for this Picture? by Ruby Stillman - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Should I Smile in the Picture?

    When honoring a tragic history, do you smile to show your support?
    Toppling the Tech Narrative by Dahlia Soussan - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Toppling the Tech Narrative: Examining Silicon Valley Privilege

    "In reality, the opportunity to invest so much energy (which at times manifests as stress) into high academic performance, albeit unhealthy, defines privilege."
    Sunny Day by Caroline Mayer – Photo by Alex Garrow

    Sunny Day

    You can almost smell the ocean through the words that describe this day at the beach.
    Wishing for Butterflies by Naomi Komatsu - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Wishing for Butterflies

    "Fluttering, paper-thin, murky brown wings...Tickle the inside of her stomach."
    What Do You Want? by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Alex Garrow

    What Do You want?

    "The first day of school always brings anxiety for Ms. B, [but] this year, Ms. B is extra apprehensive..."
    Life Goes On by Naomi Komatsu

    Life Goes On

    “You are very lucky. Your ancestors weren’t.”
    Silent Giants by Shayna Glazer - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Silent Giants

    “I stood on the backs of airplanes.”
    Home in Jerusalem by Sophie Ungerleider - Photo by Alex Garrow

    Home in Jerusalem

    “A community of Jews all over the world connecting through shared identity.”