Aliza Abusch-Magder

    Aliza Abusch Magder
    Aliza Abusch Magder

    2016–17 & 2017–18 Visual Arts & Music Department Head,
    jGirls Magazine Editorial Board

    I am a senior at The Weber School in Atlanta, Georgia. I am committed to Judaism and spirituality at large. My passions include prayer, writing, and weightlifting. I am a TED-talk addict, with an expansive sticker collection and a love of people watching. This is my third year serving on the Editorial Board as the head of the art department. I am so excited to work with our amazing team once again! I have witnessed how jGirls empowers young Jewish women, and I hope that the magazine continues to create connections to a national Jewish community, Jewish female role models, and to oneself.

    Works by Aliza

    Birkot Hashachar - Aliza Abush-Magder - jGirls Magazine

    Birkot Hashachar

    "There is God within me, do not forget to treat that with respect."