Alyx Bernstein

    Alyx Bernstein - jGirls+ Editor
    Alyx Bernstein - jGirls+ Editor

    2017–18 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    I am a senior at Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, and live in New Rochelle, NY, a suburb of NYC. I am Sephardi and an egalitarian Jew. I was born in London, and moved to the US when I was nine. I work with Keshet on their teen programming, and I’m a writer for my school newspaper, The Lion’s Roar. I am an LGBTQ activist and a motivational speaker. During the summer, I worked as a specialist at Camp Ramah Nyack. My hobbies include reading, watching TV, and playing with my dog. I applied to jGirls+ because I love building communities that uplift each other, and jGirls+ provides a way for Jewish girls to do that.

    Works by Alyx

    Tearing Down the Mechitza by Alyx Bernstein - Photo by Ruby Stillman

    Tearing Down the Mechitza

    “Breaking down that barrier is a necessary step for the full liberation of Jewish women.”
    Auschwitz by Alyx Bernstein - Photo by Liora Meyer


    When faced with a place of such tormented and haunting history, you may find strength and pride in the miracle that is the present.
    Lehitatefv'Lehaniach by Alyx Bernstein

    Lehitatef v’Lehaniach*

    "I, too, could still be a proud, trans, Jewish girl, and wear tallit and tefillin."
    The Value of an Inclusive Passover by Alyx Bernstein - Photo by Ruthie Stolovitz

    The Value of an Inclusive Passover

    Alyx Bernstein explains the importance of including -- and embracing -- trans and LGBTQ+ youth at the Seder.

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    Revealing #MeToo as #WeToo in Jewish Communal Life

    Ayelet Kalfus reflects on the Jewish Women's Foundation of New York's event addressing gender abuse and harassment in Jewish communal spaces.

    Alyx's Honors and Recognitions

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    Alyx Bernstein honored at OUTstanding! NYC 2018

    Alyx Bernstein was honored at OUTstanding! NYC 2018, Keshet's Annual Awards Gala. Check out her conversation with Abby Stein about the joys and challenges...