Audrey Honig

    Audrey Honig
    Audrey Honig

    Co-Director, Jewish Feminist Alumnae Network (JFAN)

    2017–18 Alumnae Mentor
    2016–17 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    Audrey Honig is a senior at Kalamazoo College, where she studies Jewish Studies and English. At school, she enjoys serving as the president of Hillel and as an Interfaith Student Leader. Audrey grew up attending summer camp at URJ OSRUI, where she has worked for four transformative summers. Most recently, she studied abroad in Jerusalem as an undergraduate fellow with the Nachshon Project.

    Audrey’s involvement in jGirls+ started in 2016, jGirls+’ inaugural year, when she was the poetry department head for the editorial board. The jGirls+ community has continued to support her socially and creatively beyond her time on the editorial board. As co-director of JFAN, Audrey works to foster ongoing community between alumnae from jGirls+ and the JWA’s Rising Voices Fellowship.

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    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”