Ayelet Kalfus

    Ayelet Kalfus
    Ayelet Kalfus

    2018–19 Alumnae Mentor
    2016–17 & 2017–18 Nonfiction Department Head,
    jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    I’m Ayelet, an eighteen-year-old New Yorker. My passions include science, writing (especially creative nonfiction), and staying up too late. I love exploring my many interests and am involved in a ton of extracurriculars, both within and outside of school. These include volleyball, debate, and the Environmental Club. As a student at a Modern-Orthodox high school, where I am a senior, I particularly value the diversity of the jGirls+ community. Here at jGirls+, I am the Department Head of Nonfiction. Each week, I look forward to reading through our submissions and being inspired by your honesty, creativity, and spunk.

    Works by Ayelet

    Summer Guide to NYC Art Museums: Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)

    Summer Guide to NYC Art Museums

    Ayelet Kalfus created this teen-friendly guide to 18 museums just for you!
    JWFNY flier

    Revealing #MeToo as #WeToo in Jewish Communal Life

    Ayelet Kalfus reflects on the Jewish Women's Foundation of New York's event addressing gender abuse and harassment in Jewish communal spaces.
    Lion - Liana Lapp - jGirls+ Magazine

    The Lion

    “If you could transform into anything for one night, what would it be? How would you look? What would you do?”

    Ayelet's Photographs are Featured in

    DoubleSelf - Ayelet Kalfus -jGirls+ Magazine

    Escape My Lips

    "Electricity pulses through my veins as I become blind to the words that escape my lips."
    "Rich White Girl - a photo by Ayelet Kalfus"

    Rich White Girl’s Take on Sexual Harassment

    What is it like to be a girl in today's misogynistic world?
    "You Have Not Walked the Same Streets as Me - a photo by Ayelet Kalfus"

    You Have Not Walked the Same Streets as Me

    A powerful poem reflecting on sexual harassment.
    Looking Jewish by Rebekah Friedman - Photo by Ayelet Kalfus

    Looking Jewish

    What does looking Jewish really mean?