Danielle Deculus

    Danielle Deculus
    Danielle Deculus

    2021–22 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer
    2022–23 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer

    My name is Danielle Deculus, and I am a member of the class of 2024 at Louisville High School in Woodland Hills, California. My favorite subject to study in school is history, but I also enjoy English since I like writing. I enjoy creative writing but also don’t mind research essays. I love playing tennis, which is a fairly new hobby of mine, and I am on the varsity team at my school. Especially since entering high school, my passion for photography has greatly increased. I love taking pictures of my friends and finding inspiration from other photographers on Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. Not only do I love the photography side of photoshoots, I also enjoy the fashion, hair, and makeup aspects as well as editing.

    I have served on my temple’s youth group, KTTY, for three years, and Tzedekah Teens for one year so far, but plan to participate again. From working with my peers in these groups, I’ve learned a lot about leadership and collaboration, and I hope to continue building these skills as well as my photography skills. I look forward to meeting Jewish teenagers around the country and working together to produce beautiful content!

    Photography Portfolio

    In addition to the images published on jGirls+ as stand-alone works or visuals accompanying articles by other contributors, the following is a curated selection of Danielle’s works.

    Danielle Deculus is a photographer from Tarzana, Los Angeles. While most of her work is created in LA, Danielle also photographs when traveling and exploring other cities. She began making videos when she was very little, taking an interest in photography around 5th grade. Danielle has attended Alexa Cafe Photography summer camp, NYU Film Academy Photography summer camp, and participated in an internship for Steve Sherman Photography. She enjoys creating editorial work and creative portraits, with landscapes in the mix every once in a while. Danielle intends to continue creating and begin focusing her work on feminism, identity, and relationships.

    Works by Danielle

    La Convention Nationale by Danielle Deculus for The Lessons I Learned in France

    The Lessons I Learned in France

    It would have been a very different experience had I not known the history behind each place, person, and event.
    Stranded by Danielle Deculus


    “Oftentimes we feel stranded. Alone. Helpless. Lost.”

    Danielle's Photographs are Featured in

    A Hairy Situation by Anya Rose- Photo by Danielle Deculus

    A Hairy Situation

    "Simply put, body hair isn’t an inconvenience—it’s a manufactured insecurity."
    “A Tale as Old as Time”—The Fairy Tale of My People by Lily Sheldon - Photo by Danielle Deculus

    “A Tale as Old as Time”—The Fairy Tale of My People

    "We don’t need fables with tortoises and hares to understand morals because we can learn the most fundamental virtue from our own stories."
    The Empty Forest by Chloe Freeling - Photo by Danielle Deculus

    The Empty Forest

    "June mistakenly chooses to ignore the myths and warnings."
    Why Are Women Still Absent from History Curricula? by Adina Gerwin - photo by Danielle Deculus

    Why Are Women Still Absent from History Curricula?

    “The exclusion of women from history curriculum harms all students regardless of gender.”
    Becoming the Wicked Child by May Lafer-Kirtner - Photo by Danielle Deculus

    Becoming the Wicked Child

    “I am full of fire and this time it is not burning me down/ It is lighting me up.”