Elena Eisenstadt

    Elena Eisenstadt
    Elena Eisenstadt

    2018-19 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer
    2019-20 Head of Photography
    2020-21 Head of Photography

    Elena Eisenstadt is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the class of 2026 at the University of Chicago where she hopes to study history or sociology. In her free time, she enjoys talking with friends, eating Philly soft pretzels, and humming along to songs whose titles she usually doesn’t remember.

    Works by Elena

    My Jewish-Themed Bat-Mitzvah by Elena Eisenstadt - Photo by Alex Berman

    My Jewish-Themed Bat-Mitzvah

    " All the other kids at my Jewish day school had celebrations filled with Hollywood-red carpets, Eagles football paraphernalia, and Friends caricatures bordering the ballroom. They all had themes. It was practically law. Halachic law."
    For My Sabi by Elena Eisenstadt

    For My Sabi

    “In my life, I have been privileged enough to know the Sabi who is completed and influenced by the shapes, people, and sounds around him.”
    Elena Eisenstadt


    It's been three years since the first Women's March, and we are still fighting...
    The Rocky Record by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Rocky Record

    A photographic exploration that invites you to imagine what each person is climbing for: a beginning, an ending, or both.

    Elena's Photographs are Featured in

    Elena Eisenstadt

    Justifying My Search History

    Who do you Google when no one is watching?
    Ocean Obliteration by Arielle Goldman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Ocean Obliteration

    "Have we forgotten the little control we have?"
    Next Stop: Culture by Sasha Hochman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Next Stop: Culture

    How do you truly immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign city?
    Benevolent Sexism by Maddie Solomon - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Benevolent Sexism: It Isn’t a Compliment

    Is that sexist? Sexism is not just the overt, hostile sexism portrayed in the media...
    Eros by Auden Yurman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


    What do you do when you feel out of place at a party? This piece follows a girl who has a surprising way of getting out of unwanted situations!
    Grampy by Sloan Warner - Photo by Elena Eisendstadt


    A writer explores the heartache of loss through the words of an Emily Dickinson poem.
    The Right Words by Abigael Good - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Right Words

    Dealing with mental health issues can be a daunting task. But when we finally take the steps towards help, our perspectives can change completely.
    Elena Eisenstadt

    Dark Night, Bright Stars

    As two sisters anxiously anticipate the road ahead, one thing's for certain: they're grateful to have each other.
    Loneliness by Shira Joy


    When your parents divorce, the pain of separation can be felt even after they find love again...
    Elena Eisenstadt

    Behind the Door

    Have you ever done something you couldn't forgive yourself for?
    Elena Eisenstadt

    A World of Love and Care

    Do you blindly follow what Judaism tells us to do? Or do you dig a little deeper?
    Group Therapy Essay by Sophie Soloway - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Group Therapy

    In this essay, Sophie compares her theatrical depiction of group therapy versus her actual experience in it.
    Shield Yourselves by Elena Eisenstadt

    Allow Me to Paint a Picture of the Siren

    Her two forms circle like the seasons: Maiden and Monster Deceptively innocent beauty; Brilliant guillotine danger. Life and death incarnate. She is the Maiden, the dream, Cloudfar sunsets, radiant; Aphrodite...
    Lets Hands Do What Lips Do by Elena Eisenstadt


    The relationship with an abusive parent is a complicated, painful and tumultuous one.
    Let Lips Do What Hands Do by Elena Eisenstadt

    I Should Not Be Considered Lucky

    Have you ever experienced anti-semitism to the point that it made you feel scared for your life?
    In Dire Need of a Restroom by Lily Gardner - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    In Dire Need of a Restroom

    When we focus too much on what other people think of us, we tend to lose sight of what's really important...
    Putting My Foot Down by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Statue

    Do you notice the symbols of injustice surrounding your every day life?
    Watching Her Chase the Dragon / Watching the Dragon Catch Her by Shoshana Maniscalco - Photo by ElenaEisenstadt

    Watching Her Chase the Dragon / Watching the Dragon Catch Her

    An unexpected death fills this writer's heart with overwhelming sadness, and is further complicated by her feelings of guilt and regret.
    Yellow Leaves, Purple Flowers by Shayna Glazer - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Yellow Leaves, Purple Flowers

    As we grow up, the world around us transforms no matter how hard we try to hold on to the magic of our youth.
    My Trip to Germany by Sarah Phillips - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    My Trip to Germany

    It is important to challenge our preconceived notions of a people and a place...You never know what you might discover...
    Seeing Beyond by Lea Bogatie - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Seeing Beyond

    In order to truly get to know someone who is different from us, we must take the time to step into their shoes and show a little kindness.
    You Can’t Sit with Us: What Teenage Girls Don’t Learn From Mean Girls by Katie Krawcheck - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    You Can’t Sit with Us: What Teenage Girls Don’t Learn From Mean Girls

    When teenage girls turn to movies like Mean Girls for advice, what they receive is a distorted version of reality.
    My Cape Cod by Leslie Marsh – Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    My Cape Cod

    The palpable memories depicted in this piece will have you feeling and re-living the author's times at Cape Cod
    Bircktown by Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


    Does growing old mean giving up and enduring the painful aspects of life as we near the end?
    My Journey to Jewishness by Emily Duckworth - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    My Journey to Jewishness

    Despite the anti-Semitism or hate you might experience, choosing to believe in the good can only make the world a better place.
    Her Mask by Gail Hafif – Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Her Mask

    Do you hide your true self behind a mask?
    Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew by Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew.

    "Lesbian. Pro-Palestinian. Orthodox Jew...These labels don’t really jive in my community."
    A Letter to My Past by Cecelia Ross - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    A Letter to My Past Self

    "Today is the day you will officially decide that you have had enough of the way you look."
    The Shape of Beauty by Ahava Helfenbaum - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Shape of Beauty: Reflections on an Adolescent Eating Disorder

    Ahava recounts her struggles with an eating disorder that shaped how she viewed her worthiness in the world.
    43-Hour Drive by Orly Berkowitz-Henkin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    43-Hour Drive

    Technically, he had met his mother before. Once.
    The College Essay I Didn't Submit by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The College Essay I Didn’t Submit

    “To showcase my colorfulness, I will talk about sadness.”
    What the Shofar Means to Me by Jessie Schwalb - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    What the Shofar Means to Me

    "Maybe I will look back on this Rosh Hashanah with the same bewilderment I feel looking back on my seven-year-old self."
    A Lifeline by Amanda Hershkin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    A Lifeline

    “I think of the person on the other side of the door, with the pounding fists.”
    Is Ignorance Really Bliss? by Isabelle White - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

    “5% of adults do not believe that the Holocaust happened.”
    The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks By: Rina Shamilov - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Blue-Eyed Fellow with the Dark Slacks

    “He drew the stars with his eyes,/And with them, he mapped the syzygies”
    Our Final Song by Caroline Levin - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Our Final Song

    “Our voices echo on the winds of time.”
    Masquerade by Caroline Levine - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt


    How often do people use smiles as masks?
    How the Jewish Girl Learns to Hate Her Nose by Livvy Krakower - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    How the Jewish Girl Learns to Hate her Nose

    “You’re beautiful,” I repeat to her. And she is. (Most of her.)
    The Pattern Buried in My Muscle Memory by Miriam Cory - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Pattern Buried in My Muscle Memory

    “I have a guaranteed way to strengthen myself.”
    You Only Hate Taylor Swift Because of Your Internalized Misogyny By Sasha Tucker -Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    You Only Hate Taylor Swift Because of Your Internalized Misogyny

    “I never wanted to like the color pink, either.”

    A Word Other Than Girl

    “Some words have reached a point where they become more than a combination of letters.”
    My Impact On Social Justice, as a Teenage Jew By: Hannah Shapiro - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    My Impact On Social Justice, as a Teenage Jew

    I grew up attending religious Modern Orthodox schools. There has always been someone trying to force their views on me. One thing that I...
    lovers bites by Chava Adam - photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    lovers bites

    "they say nothing is original, but nature flies in my ear."
    On Belonging and Unbelonging By Anonymous - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    On Belonging and Unbelonging

    Is it possible for me to belong among others without truly knowing who I am? Or is belonging an unattainable goal?