Elise Anstey

    Elise Anstey
    Elise Anstey

    2019–20 jGirls+ Magazine Photographer

    My name is Elise Anstey and I am 17 years old and a senior at The Bush School in Seattle, Washington. I am the leader of Social Committee club at my school. We plan four school dances every year: Homecoming, Winterball, TOLO, and Prom. Social Committee also fundraises for these dances and chooses the venue, DJ, photo booth, and more. Outside of school, I work at Pagliacci Pizza where I make pizzas, salads, run the register, and hand out slices. Outside of work, I enjoy taking portraits of my friends for fun as well as senior portraits. I also volunteer at Teen Feed, an organization that provides meals for homeless youth every night of the year.

    I am excited to be back as a staff photographer for jGirls+ and to help shape this role for future years. This year I hope to grow as an artist and to produce powerful images that anyone can relate to.

    Works by Elise

    Fall by Elise Antsey - Photo by Jade Lowe


    “I fell hard for fall/Skinned my knee tripping over its crunchy brown leaves”
    Elise Anstey

    Tunnel Vision

    Staying focused during a football game can be difficult when your crush is on the opposing team...
    In the Wind by Elise Anstey

    In the Wind

    Photographer Elise Anstey captures the movement of nature.
    Pretty Hurts by Elise Anstey

    Pretty Hurts

    If you take time to look beneath the surface, you may see there is more than meets the eye...

    Elise's Photographs are Featured in



    After meeting young Israeli soldiers on a trip to Israel, this young writer sees her American life in a whole new light.
    Elise Anstey

    The Black Songbird

    *Please Note: This piece contains content about suicide.* After her brother’s suicide, Ophelia contemplates what it means to take your own life and who is accountable.
    Toxic by Lily Pazner - Photo by Elise Anstey


    The relationship with friends who are bullies is a very complicated, tormenting and confusing one...
    Room 11 by Lila Singer - Photo by Elise Anstey

    Room 11

    Backpacking the Appalachian Trail is no easy feat, especially when danger lurks in every corner...
    Coming Together by Cecelia Ross - Photo by Elise Anstey

    Coming Together

    Simple acts of kindness can inspire hope and positive transformation, whereas simple acts of prejudice can cause intolerance and harm.
    The Calmer of Two Tempests by Aydia Caplan - Photo by Elise Anstey

    The Calmer of Two Tempests

    This short story depicts the struggles and triumphs of two women who chase both feminism and freedom
    How to Label Yourself by Abigail Fisher - Photo by Elise Anstey

    How to Label Yourself

    A story that takes you back in time as you learn how labeling and social pressures all begin.
    My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees by Tari Civerolo - Photo by Elise Antsey

    My Name is Tari, and I Speak for the Trees

    "One of the first things that struck me about my teacher was how much physical paper he printed and distributed to the class."
    Singin in the Rain by Abigail Ventimiligia - Photo by Elise Anstey

    A Modern Take on “Singin’ in the Rain”

    The classic movie portrays women unsettlingly.
    Your Hand in Mine by Jessica Rosenblatt - Photo by Elise Anstey

    Your Hand in Mine

    “One moment you were there, glowing.”
    People Pleasing by anonymous - Photo by Elise Antsey

    Power and People Pleasing

    “I stopped voicing my opinion and went along with what everyone else wanted, even when it made me miserable.”
    On Being a Jewish New Yorker by Molly Voit - Photo by Elise Anstey

    On Being a Jewish New Yorker

    “My expanding awareness motivated me to try to better understand how race and Jewish identity intersect.”