Emilia Cooper

    Emilia Cooper
    Emilia Cooper

    2017–18 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    My name is Emilia Cooper. I have lived in Brooklyn, NY my entire life. I am a sophomore at NYC Lab School in Chelsea (Manhattan). As a female Jew of color, I have struggled with identity and knowing my place in my community. This has constructed my perspective of social inequality and justice, and has motivated me to make an effort to feel in touch with both my Black and Jewish roots. I am also excited to strengthen my relationship to Judaism through working with jGirls+ and to bring my unique perspective to the Editorial Board. I have been a social justice activist for years, and I have interned for Justice League NYC, where I had the opportunity to help organize the Women’s March on Washington, for Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, where I mentored teenage girls, and for Marti Speranza’s City Council campaign. I completed the MedStart and MedDOCS programs at Mount Sinai Hospital, I have been a part of the Jews of Color Caucus at Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, and I have just begun participating in the Schomburg Junior Scholars Program. I have also volunteered in multiple Latin American countries over the past few years. I am the leader of the Social Action Club at my school, a participant in Model UN and Student Government, and an outspoken advocate for racial equality at my school. I am a part of a large, confusing family with four siblings, several step parents, and a nephew. I feel incredibly grateful to live in NYC, for the experiences I have had, and the opportunities I have been able to take advantage of.

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    “In predominantly white and Jewish spaces, I was ignored, ostracized, tokenized, discriminated against, othered.”
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