Gali Davar

    Gali Davar jGirls+ Editorial Board profile
    Gali Davar jGirls+ Editorial Board profile

    2018–19 Alumnae Mentor
    2017–18 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board
    2016–17 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    Hello, I’m from Riverdale, New York. My mom is from Israel, my dad is from South Africa, and I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City. I’m a senior at the Bronx High School of Science, a specialized public high school. At school, you’ll probably find me nerding out over AP Bio or Comparative Government, if I’ve had my morning caffeine yet, that is. Outside of school, I work in the children’s garden in the New York Botanical Garden, attend dance classes, and work on the jGirls+ editorial in the fiction and art departments. In my free time, I like practicing yoga to de-stress, reading fantasy and fiction, cooking vegetarian meals, and writing. I have been published several times in my school’s literary magazine, Dynamo. In the future, I want to travel the world and study biology or law.

    I identify as a mostly secular, cultural Jew. Judaism is a significant part of who I am. I don’t practice Judaism in my daily life in a traditional sense, but my Jewish values and upbringing influence my personality and decisions. I believe in Jewish values, such as tradition, community and family, and I am grateful for my foundational Jewish education at Jewish day school. I’m thrilled to be a part of the jGirls+ community. Serving on the editorial board in the magazine’s inaugural year was such a wonderful and enriching experience, and I can’t wait to see the content and conversations we have this year!

    Works by Gali

    "Expect Delays - a photo by Aliza Abusch-Magder"

    Expect Delays

    "The airport has a strange quality past 9 p.m., like a Salvador Dali painting..."
    Glow by Gali Davar


    "You filled me up with invisible starlight."
    Untitled - Liora Meyer

    The Color of Water: A Discussion of Personal Identity in America

    Gali Davar writes about the complexity of issues of race and religion.
    "Rich White Girl - a photo by Ayelet Kalfus"

    Rich White Girl’s Take on Sexual Harassment

    What is it like to be a girl in today's misogynistic world?
    Locks - Gali Davar - jGirls+ Magazine


    "I don’t know who put them there or why, but I hope it was meaningful for them, and I am grateful that they did."
    Meital Sztokman - Hands- jGirls+ Magazine


    "Why did you do that?"
    Botanical Gardens 2 - Gali Davar - jGirls+ Magazine

    Botanical Gardens

    Photographs help Gali Davar see a new side of herself.

    Gali's Photographs are Featured in

    Mornings at Home - Gali Davar -jGirls+ Magazine

    Free Soul

    Lucy Singer writes a poem about finding herself.
    Pensive on a Rainy Day2 - Gali Davar - jGrils Magazine


    The journey of leaving childhood, and the struggles that mark every step of the way.
    Brooklyn Bridge - Gali Davar - jGirls+ Magazine


    A poem about blending in so much that you forget how to stand out.
    My Brother by Sarit Scher - Photo by Gali Davar

    My Brother

    What's it like to have a sibling with OCD? We share this story in honor of Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month.