Hannah Rosman

    Hannah Rosman
    Hannah Rosman

    2017–18 & 2018–19 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    My name is Hannah Rosman. I am a first-year media and screen studies major at Northeastern University. I spent last semester abroad in Italy, which was an amazing and transforming experience. In 2019, I graduated from Washington-Liberty High School in my hometown of Arlington, Virginia. I found my love of editing and working with writers to accentuate their voices as the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, a nonfiction editor of our literary magazine, and most of all as an editor for jGirls+. I was the submissions manager and the head of the nonfiction department during my two years at jGirls+. In my free time, I work on my life project of watching as many movies and TV shows as humanly possible.

    Works by Hannah

    Holocaust Now by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Jade Lowe

    Holocaust Now

    "We read a paragraph in our textbook explaining that Hitler and the Nazis killed Jews, and that one paragraph was it."
    The College Essay I Didn't Submit by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    The College Essay I Didn’t Submit

    “To showcase my colorfulness, I will talk about sadness.”
    What Do You Want? by Hannah Rosman - Photo by Alex Garrow

    What Do You want?

    "The first day of school always brings anxiety for Ms. B, [but] this year, Ms. B is extra apprehensive..."
    Putting My Foot Down by Elena Eisenstadt

    The Statue

    Do you notice the symbols of injustice surrounding your every day life?
    RBG - Magnolia Pictures

    RBG Review

    "This is a film made for those who have never heard of Ginsburg or those who disagree with her as much as it is for her fans."