Kinneret Katz

    Kinneret Katz jGirls+ Editorial Board profile
    Kinneret Katz jGirls+ Editorial Board profile

    2017–18 Alumnae Mentor
    2016–17 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    I was raised in an Orthodox community in Los Angeles and attended Jewish day schools until the age of 16, followed by two years of home schooling. I am currently spending a year in Israel and plan on attending the University of Rochester next year. I enjoy watching Asian television, learning about cultures and religions around the world, and debating a diverse range of topics with friends. I first discovered my love of writing in fifth grade and have since taken numerous classes on poetry, fiction, and nonfiction writing, in addition to publishing two pieces in anthologies. Writing both introspective and academic papers, I explore a variety of subjects in my readings and writings.

    I applied to join the jGirls+ Editorial Board because I love the diversity encompassed by the term “Jewish girls” and I am eager to see the discussions developed by such a variety of people and perspectives. Being a teenage girl is tough, being Jewish is tough, and if we can help each other grow and learn in our struggles through writing, I believe we will better ourselves and the world at large. I’m looking forward to serving as an advisor to the Editorial Board this year.

    Works by Kinneret

    Kinneret Katz

    Dark Night, Bright Stars

    As two sisters anxiously anticipate the road ahead, one thing's for certain: they're grateful to have each other.
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    Heart on My Sleeve

    Should I wear my heart on my sleeve or protect myself from pain?
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    "I have been taught that the more ostentatious the leaf, the happier its colors."
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    Small Moments

    "It’s the small moments that hurt me."