Lexie Fried

    Lexie Fried jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board Profile
    Lexie Fried jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board Profile

    2016–17 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    I am one of ten children, in the 12th grade, and live in Buffalo, NY. I believe in the importance of awareness and education in order to combat different worldwide issues. You will find me advocating for feminism, adoption, domestic violence and abuse prevention, inclusion of people with disabilities, and Israel — these are just some of the topics I am most passionate about. I believe in the power of our voices. I am very involved with politics and aspire to work in government. In addition to my strong love for writing, I enjoy public speaking and debating. I often travel and am always on the go exploring new towns, new countries, and new adventures. I spend a very large part of my daily life involved in my Reform Jewish community.

    Works by Lexie

    Crumpled Sheet of Paper by Lexie Fried

    Crumpled Sheet of Paper

    Lexie Fried writes an unfiltered poem about sexual assault.
    DoubleSelf - Ayelet Kalfus -jGirls+ Magazine

    Escape My Lips

    "Electricity pulses through my veins as I become blind to the words that escape my lips."