Liora Meyer

    Liora Meyer
    Liora Meyer

    2017–18 jGirls Magazine Editorial Board

    Hi, my name is Liora Meyer. I am 17 years old and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a senior at Gann Academy, where I am a leader of the Women in STEM club, a managing editor for the school newspaper, and a member of the choir. Additionally, I love literature, history, and visual arts, and I have been a vegetarian since birth, a commitment about which I am passionate.

    Both my current high school and my elementary school were private, pluralistic Jewish schools. Through them, I have learned to value communities in which each member can learn about and find respect for different approaches to Judaism. By understanding and appreciating others’ expressions of Judaism, each person can better understand his or her own beliefs. I am incredibly grateful to have been exposed to so many of these communities in my life, and I’m excited to continue being a part of another one—jGirls.

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    Balance - Liora Meyer


    "Though time is constantly moving, and we are powerless to stop it, we can always take a second to pause and to catch a brief moment in its beauty."
    Kid on a Lawn - Liora Meyer - jGrils Magazine

    Kid on a Lawn

    A photograph captures the innocence of childhood.