Liora Meyer

    Liora Meyer
    Liora Meyer

    2017–18 jGirls Magazine Editorial Board

    Hi, my name is Liora Meyer. I am 17 years old and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a senior at Gann Academy, where I am a leader of the Women in STEM club, a managing editor for the school newspaper, and a member of the choir. Additionally, I love literature, history, and visual arts, and I have been a vegetarian since birth, a commitment about which I am passionate.

    Both my current high school and my elementary school were private, pluralistic Jewish schools. Through them, I have learned to value communities in which each member can learn about and find respect for different approaches to Judaism. By understanding and appreciating others’ expressions of Judaism, each person can better understand his or her own beliefs. I am incredibly grateful to have been exposed to so many of these communities in my life, and I’m excited to continue being a part of another one—jGirls.

    Works by Liora

    Balance - Liora Meyer


    "Though time is constantly moving, and we are powerless to stop it, we can always take a second to pause and to catch a brief moment in its beauty."
    Kid on a Lawn - Liora Meyer - jGrils Magazine

    Kid on a Lawn

    A photograph captures the innocence of childhood.

    Liora's Photographs are Featured in

    Bright Towel - Liora Meyer - jGirls Magazine

    The Magic of Girls

    "Why does love between girls still feel forbidden?"
    Branches - Liora Meyer

    Sleeping Beauty

    Maya Krieger-DeWitt’s poem has us rethink the fairy tales we grew up with and the messages we send to little girls.
    Untitled - Liora Meyer

    The Color of Water: A Discussion of Personal Identity in America

    Gali Davar writes about the complexity of issues of race and religion.
    Art For Blackness Be Gone - Liora Meyer

    Blackness Be Gone

    Danit Schinagel writes a poem about a rainbow of emotions.
    Shattered Glass by Madison Hahamy - Photo by Liora Meyer

    Shattered Glass

    Madison Hahamy reflects on her experience speaking Hebrew with her grandfather.
    Lehitatefv'Lehaniach by Alyx Bernstein

    Lehitatef v’Lehaniach*

    "I, too, could still be a proud, trans, Jewish girl, and wear tallit and tefillin."
    The Love You Carry by Anon – Photo by Liora Meyer

    The Love You Carry

    "I told my grandparents that I was bisexual and currently dating a girl."
    Art For Maurice's Problem - Liora Meyer

    Maurice’s Problem

    It was a regular school day for everyone but Maurice.
    "Untitled - a photo by Liora Meyer"


    Growing up with a sister has its fair share of challenges, but one thing is certain: not everything is as it seems.
    The Necklace by Olivia Newman - Photo by Liora Meyer

    The Necklace

    Are you scared to be Jewish?
    Sabbath Silence by Yael Perlman - Photo by Liora Meyer

    Sabbath Silence

    Yael Perlman describes the quiet moments and poetic rituals of her family's Sabbath dinner.
    "I Am Not Religious - a photo by Liora Meyer"

    I’m Not Religious, Am I?

    "Music, to me, is unexplainable. Holy."
    Two Parallel Lovers by Ayelet Fishman - Photo by Liora Meyer

    Two Parallel Lovers

    "They traveled in the same direction, although they never crossed, but without each other, they seemed to be lost."
    Hibakusha by Aviva Katz - Photo by Liora Meyer


    A poem explores the experience of a nuclear bomb from a Japanese perspective.
    A.N.X.I.E.T.Y by Anonymous - Photo by Liora Meyer


    With vivid imagery, a writer describes the brutal waves of anxiety.
    Why I Don't Believe in Dress Codes by Marlie Thomason - Photo by Liora Meyer

    Why I Don’t Believe in Dress Codes

    Should schools be able to determine how we choose to dress and express ourselves?
    Turkey's Media Without A Voice

    Turkey’s Media Without a Voice

    What happens when freedom of the press is taken away through intimidation and violence?
    Cold Air by Sophie Soloway - Photo by Liora Meyer

    Cold Air

    *Please Note: This piece contains strong language and references to substance abuse, self harm, and suicidal thoughts.* What does it feel like to be consumed by thoughts of self harm and killing oneself?
    Auschwitz by Alyx Bernstein - Photo by Liora Meyer


    When faced with a place of such tormented and haunting history, you may find strength and pride in the miracle that is the present.
    Falllen Angel: Hannah Senesh by Talia Caine - Photo by Elena Eisenstadt

    Fallen Angel: Hannah Senesh

    75 years after she was killed, Hannah Senesh's poems and heroic journey lives on in this powerful tale of the life she gave to fight the Nazis.