Molly Voit

    Molly Voit
    Molly Voit

    2019–20 jGirls+ Magazine Editorial Board

    My name is Molly Voit, and I live in Riverdale, New York. I am a senior at Elisabeth Irwin High School where I participate in Model UN, write for the newspaper, tutor students in physics, and run for the track and cross country teams. I enjoy learning about the Middle East and gender studies in and out of school, working with little kids, playing with my dogs, and listening to podcasts. I identify as a Conservative Jew and my Jewish identity has largely been influenced by growing up with Young Judaea, attending Schechter Manhattan through middle school, and being a member of my Conservative synagogue in Riverdale. I am beyond excited to learn from and contribute to a publication that empowers Jewish women to share their voices!

    Works by Molly

    Molly Voit


    This painting depicts how my dog makes me feel.
    Nothing Grows in the Garden by Molly Voit - Photo by Caroline Koppel

    Nothing Grows in the Garden

    “Watchers sit in my presence/ Their eyes rolling back and forth/ mourning the ruins they thought weren’t theirs.”
    On Being a Jewish New Yorker by Molly Voit - Photo by Elise Anstey

    On Being a Jewish New Yorker

    “My expanding awareness motivated me to try to better understand how race and Jewish identity intersect.”
    No Diving by Molly Voit

    No Diving

    “Until we can all swim freely, we need to close the pool.”
    Free Woman by Molly Voit

    Free Woman

    Artist Molly Voit celebrates hope, happiness, and self-esteem.
    What Did We Talk About Before Corona? by Molly Voit

    What Did We Talk About Before Corona?

    As the coronavirus pandemic upends our lives, the stress and overwhelming nature of it all is expressed in this piece...

    Molly's Photographs are Featured in

    Vitruvian Woman

    Vitruvian Woman

    Taking a look in the mirror, Aydia braces herself for the inner-critic.
    Too Jeweled by Rama Lapidus - Photo by Molly Voit

    Too Jeweled

    Through a poem, Rama takes a closer look at privilege and how it can shape your identity.
    Forever Love by Emma Hotchkiss - Photo by MollyVoit

    Forever Love

    “Camp became my second home, and my camp friends became my second family.”
    The Things I Should Have Said by Makeda Zabot-Hall - Photo by Molly Voit

    The Things I Should Have Said

    These are the things I wanted to say.
    The Unspoken Truths of The Pandemic By Olivia Leviss - Photo by Molly Voit

    The Unspoken Truths of the Pandemic

    "The pandemic took away the control I had over my life, bringing out more pain and overwhelming emotions."
    Corona Funeral by Lyla Souccar - Photo by Molly Voit

    Corona Funeral

    "My safta had passed away, alone."
    Sixteen & Quarantined by Lily Gold - Photo by Molly Voit

    Sixteen & Quarantined

    "My whole life has been altered temporarily. Then again, so has everybody else’s."
    A Community in Crisis by Sarah Cohen - Photo by Molly Voit

    A Community in Crisis

    "The best thing for us to do is to stay strong and stay connected."
    Seven Ways to Stay Connected with Judaism While Life Is on Hold By Emilie Tackett photo by Molly Voit

    Seven Ways to Stay Connected with Judaism While Life Is on Hold

    "There are plenty of ways to stay connected—for as long as it takes until life returns to normal."
    Finding Home by Alexa Serby - Photo by Molly Voit

    Finding Home

    "At camp I found people that I could relate to at the core, something that I never really found in my hometown."
    Rising from the Ashes by - Photo by Molly Voit

    Rising from the Ashes

    A synagogue is a place of worship and community, not violence and fear.
    Why I Am Jewish By Sophie Krajmalnik - photo by Molly Voit

    Why I Am Jewish

    “I am Jewish because there is no one way to be Jewish.”
    Chanukkah,1936 by Bo-Violet Vig - Photo by Molly Voit

    Chanukkah, 1936

    "Only a miracle would bring glittering candles to my window for Chanukkah, 1936."
    My Crazy Life by Marin Gold - Photo by

    My Crazy Life

    “I’m from Rockville, Maryland, and Orlando, Florida,/Hamburger Helper and Sweet Brie cheese.”
    Our Small Galaxy of Two by Maya Rosenberg - photo by Molly Voit

    Our Small Galaxy of Two

    “My perspective of the world expanded, making me realize what friendship truly is.”
    My Tivnu Gap Year on the Pale Blue Dot by Aliza Saunders - Photo by Molly Voit

    My Tivnu Gap Year on the Pale Blue Dot

    "I can feel the deep desire to change the world all I want, but I have to know how to improve this pale blue dot."